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Should employee surveys be anonymous?

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Tushneem Dhamagadda

Recent Posts

Should employee surveys be anonymous?

Over the years, most employee surveys have been the anonymous type. The justification for the anonymity is that if employees don't have to reveal who they are, they'll not fear retribution from management, which in turn will lead to more of them...

Is Workplace by Facebook right for your company? Are there better alternatives?

Workplace by Facebook first hit the market in late 2016. This version of Facebook was designed for use within enterprises. The idea was to create an employee communication and engagement platform using features well-known by Facebook users, such as...

Emails v/s Instant Messaging for Employee Communication - What's effective and why

Both email and instant messaging (IM) are essential tools for effective workplace communication. Determining which one is more effective depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Worldwide, more people are using email every day. The number of...

2017 HR trends: experience, apps, analytics

Recently, many articles have been published on top 2017 HR trends in both thought-leadership as well as HR technologies from Forbes, Fast Company, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Huffington Post and others. While we agree with most of...

Should employee apps be native apps, hybrid native apps or responsive mobile websites?

All the experts agree based on the latest research: Mobile will be the choice of employee communication in the enterprise by end of 2017. There are obviously benefits of mobile over web-based intranets as we discussed in a recent blog post....

Intelligent Social Feeds in Employee Apps

Employee Generated Content is a big thing these days to create brand advocacy. Although we had curated user story feature in our hubEngage platform, some of our clients started requesting for a social feed feature as well where employees can post...

Improving Engagement with Employee Incentives and Recognition - Badges, Points, Rewards or Leaderboards

A lot of companies that are not seeing significant engagement with their employees are trying to get into gamification and create new employee incentives and recognition programs. Incentives for these gamification tactics, which include badges,...

Employee Generated Content - Social Feeds v/s Curated Stories for Employee Engagement

When it comes to employee engagement, talent recruitment and brand advocacy, a lot of HR consultants and internal communication specialists propose using employee generated content (EGC) that can be shared not just with other employees, but also on...

Employee Training: Traditional Learning v/s Unstructured Continuous Learning in Enterprise

If you look at the traditional employee training in the enterprise, it's something like the above cartoon. Employees go through orientation programs and sit through hours, sometimes days of training, where they get a huge dump of information. While...

Revamping internal communications in healthcare for increased engagement

If you are working or have ever worked in a healthcare system, including hospitals, urgent care clinics, laboratories and pharmacies, you know how tough it is to get information from management or know what is happening in your company in general....