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Recent Posts

4 Ways Employee Mobile Apps Reduce Turnover in the Fast Food Industry

Did you know that the employee turnover rate for fast food franchises can exceed 100 percent? When you lose employees left and right, you are forced to interview, hire, and train new workers continuously, at significant cost. Worse, you are left...

Managing Change in Your Manufacturing Workforce with Employee Mobile Apps

Change management has begun to impact the manufacturing industry is dozens of ways. Companies that get it right often enjoy stronger teams, better workflows, improved safety, and more productivity; those that do not can expect to suffer the opposite...

Expert Interview Series: Toms Blodnieks of DeskTime On Time Tracking Software

Tom is a customer project manager at DeskTime, where he works to help companies raise their productivity and their employees' effectiveness. We recently spoke with Tom to learn about the importance of time-tracking software and how it makes...

Top 17 Use Cases for Employee Mobile Apps

Employee mobile apps are not just another tool to give your employees something to do. They are useful, engaging products that can bring your team closer together, inspire employee education, and help you achieve solid, definable goals.

Improve Onboarding Experience with the Right Employee Mobile App

You can only have a great company if you have great employees. In a world where nearly 33 percent of workers begin looking for a job within six months of starting at a company, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to retain talented...

3 Ways Employee Mobile Apps Support a Distributed Workforce

A distributed workforce offers numerous advantages for companies both big and small, but it also presents a few challenges. How do you stay connected with mobile workers? How can you keep everyone up-to-date on company news? An employee mobile app...

Expert Interview Series: Kasey Jones of Notion About Internal Collaboration Among Team Members

Kasey Jones runs growth marketing at Notion, where she evangelizes leaders’ power to leverage their data to transform the health, productivity, and performance of their teams. We recently talked with Kasey about the importance of communication and...

How and Why to Customize Your Employee Survey App

Companies across the world strive for strong employee engagement. 

How to Engage Employees with Push Notifications

For a long time, push notifications were considered a B2B and B2C marketing strategy. With push notifications, marketers can send live messages to their target audience and inform them about sales, promotions, and other information.

7 Must-Haves for Your Employee Engagement App

If you are thinking about implementing an employee engagement app at your company, do not choose the first one that catches your eye. Instead, investigate your options so you know which features are included with which products. The best employee...