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How and Why to Customize Your Employee Survey App

Companies across the world strive for strong employee engagement. 

How to Engage Employees With Push Notifications

For a long time, push notifications were considered a B2B and B2C marketing strategy. With push notifications, marketers can send live messages to their target audience and inform them about sales, promotions, and other information.

7 Must-Haves for Your Employee Engagement App

If you are thinking about implementing an employee engagement app at your company, do not choose the first one that catches your eye. Instead, investigate your options so you know which features are included with which products. The best employee...

6 Ways the Definition of Employee Engagement Has Evolved

Employee communication strategies have evolved considerably over the last couple of decades, particularly because of technological advancements. However, although technology has driven much of employee engagement's evolution, the strategies behind...

Expert Interview Series: Nick Patel of Wellable About Innovative Ways to Improve Employee Wellness

Nick Patel is the president of Wellable, where he works tirelessly every day to improve the employee wellness experience all over the world. We recently sat down with Nick to discuss the advantages of employee wellness and how it impacts workplace...

7 Ways Workers Use Employee Communication Apps

As a savvy business owner, you have interest in investing in technology only if you can clearly see its benefit to your organization. If you are wondering whether or not your workforce will embrace employee communication apps, consider the following...

What Is Your Employee Net Promoter Score Actually Telling You?

With increased emphasis on employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, many businesses are using Employee Net Promoter Scores to gauge employee loyalty. But what are the numbers actually telling you?

Why Gamification Is an Effective Employee Engagement Strategy

Employee engagement often starts with knowledge. You want to assemble the brightest, most competent team in your industry, but your new hires don't always come with the requisite background.

How to Improve Employee Engagement: 8 Top Strategies

The term "employee engagement" covers a wide variety of factors and potential solutions. However, using technology to boost employee engagement can give your organization a more specific goal. When you improve internal communications and encourage...

Top 4 Benefits of Getting Employee Engagement Right

Before you can improve your workplace, you must fully understand the benefits of employee engagement in your organization. How does it change your workplace culture? Does it impact your bottom line? And how does everyone in the company benefit from...