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Employee App Tactics and Strategies to Increase Engagement

Yash Chitre

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With increased emphasis on employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, many businesses are using Employee Net Promoter Scores to gauge employee loyalty. But what are the numbers actually telling you?

Why Gamification Is an Effective Employee Engagement Strategy

Employee engagement often starts with knowledge. You want to assemble the brightest, most competent team in your industry, but your new hires don't always come with the requisite background.

How to Improve Employee Engagement: 8 Top Strategies

The term "employee engagement" covers a wide variety of factors and potential solutions. However, using technology to boost employee engagement can give your organization a more specific goal. When you improve internal communications and encourage...

Expert Interview Series: Raphael Crawford-Marks of Bonusly on the Improved Efficacy of Today's Employee Motivation and Recognition Methods

Raphael Crawford-Marks is the CEO of Bonusly, which helps companies foster supportive, collaborative, and high-performing teams. We recently talked with Raphael to hear his thoughts on the evolution of employee recognition programs and learned why...

Top 4 Benefits of Getting Employee Engagement Right

Before you can improve your workplace, you must fully understand the benefits of employee engagement in your organization. How does it change your workplace culture? Does it impact your bottom line? And how does everyone in the company benefit from...

Exploring the Relationship between Employee Motivation and Engagement

Motivation and engagement are popular buzzwords for entrepreneurs and HR professionals, but they do not mean the same thing. There are times when they go hand in hand, but some kinds of motivation can actually work against employee engagement. It is...

7 Reasons Mobile Employee Engagement Makes Sense

More and more, companies are discovering the importance of keeping their employees engaged. For this reason, building a sense of pride and loyalty in the company brand among employees has become of paramount interest to forward-thinking...

Employee Engagement Insights from the Web: The Ultimate Collection

An engaged employee represents an asset of your organization. Disengaged employees, by contrast, become liabilities.

How to Fix a Broken Employee Training Program

Here is a stark truth. Poorly trained employees cannot do their jobs well, which means that your business suffers. A broken employee training program drains resources instead of creating them.

Gas station employee apps drive revenue

Millions of consumers stop at gas stations and convenience stores every day. Creating a memorable experience for customers starts with well trained and educated employees that can deliver on your brand promises.  Keeping up with the service demands...