Avoiding paralysis by analysis: Snapshot analytics

Having the ability to tap into your customer base and see what’s trending is an invaluable asset to any marketer or decision maker. For years we have all used tools like surveys, big data reports, qualitative and quantitative reporting, focus groups, market research and countless other mechanisms to tap into the minds of our core customers.

[tweet_quote hashtags="#bigpicture" ]Being able to see the big picture, real fast, is a key must-have[/tweet_quote] for any one running an organization, especially if you sit in the c-suite. You don’t have time to sift through a gazillion data sets to distill the key points that turn into actionable insights. You’d much rather have a 30,000 ft. level view from above that gives you’re the main idea, without all the hassle of analyzing. Sort of like a cliff notes version of a massive novel.

I think a big reason we all don’t want to get to knee deep in it: [tweet_quote hashtags="#paralysisbyanalysis" ]paralysis by analysis[/tweet_quote].

There’s an old adage, “if you dig, you’ll find”. This is especially true in large, complex organizations that serve multiple demographics and caterer to a wide swath of the general public. You want to be able to get the key insights fast, without getting stuck in the mud and slowing you down to execute on other priorities you may have on your agenda.

Having a powerful analytics package attached to your marketing strategy that plays automatically with your ongoing tactical plan is very important. It will help you be a smarter, more action oriented leader that is not only in the know, but knows what to do. Of course, there are lots of analytic dashboards you can get easily—for example the most popular being Google Analytics. But what are you doing with that data? Are you using it automatically to re-target and create more engaging experiences?

Analytics is just one slice of the pie when you use advanced frameworks such as CoIL Marketing™. What CoIL Marketing does is reports the data in an analytics dashboard that is fast and easy to understand so that you can instantly gain insights at any time. But it doesn’t stop there; the big data is churned through algorithms that can effectively re-target your user. So you’re marketing relevancy increases in a very short amount of time. You can even seed the engine with data you may already have to provide relevancy right out of the gate.

So it’s much more than just “analytics”. It’s having a snapshot mechanism in place and automatically using the big data to re-target. That’s the holy grail of marketing.


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