Build a successful employee culture with an employee app

Building an attractive corporate culture is easy when you have a dedicated mobile employee app platform, to not only get information and resources that will help them in their jobs, but also reward and recognize them for their contributions and give you the employer instant feedback and analytics on the corporate culture pulse.

In the past, in order to engage your employees, you had to create several different programs operated by several different departments to create a successful corporate culture. You had to create a program for employee communications, a program for rewards and recognition, a program for surveys and feedback, etc., etc., and you had to have a large staff to manage all these different programs. Then maybe, just maybe, you had some sort of mechanism in place that talked to all of these programs/departments together at the same time, so that you could get some data back on what was working and what was not. But in most cases, it was always a bunch of one-offs with no rhyme or reason as to when and why. This was all done in an effort to create a successful employee culture.

Today, it is very easy to create robust employee apps for communications and engagement, that motivate inspire train and reward your people as they do their every day jobs and get the data and analysis back that tells you how your culture is perforating. For example, being able to instantly push content to your people no matter where they are located or what their role is inside of your enterprise, and allowing them to engage with feedback and ideas to move your company forward, is now very easy to create with robust employee mobile app communication platforms such as hubEngage.

Imagine your employees had an exclusive app, that only they could access, on their smart phones and other mobile devices that would increase your corporate culture and productivity with every app session. This app would not only push information and content instantly, but also solicit instant feedback from your employee base so that you can get the big picture on culture, fast. Furthermore this app can also be segmented in terms of content distribution so you can now custom tailor your messages to different employee segments inside of your enterprise. Let's say I'm a brand-new millennial who just graduated from college and I'm used to using technology and apps to get my information. I'm going to want a gamified, informative, rewarding experience where my contribution and voice can also be heard. So how do you communicate to me is going to be very different than how you communicate say to a baby boomer who is a lot older and needs to receive information in a different manner using the same employee app mobile communications platform. A baby boomer does not have time for games. They want their information pushed directly to their devices and they want it relevant to their roles.

Building a successful employee culture will be highly dependent on the tools and resources that you offer your employees. It will differentiate you from your competition and the talent pool will look for organizations that offer these types of tools in order for them to succeed personally and professionally. According to most internal communication analysts, it is widely believed that mobile apps will be the employee communications channel of choice by the end of 2017.

What is driving this change and sense of urgency to adopt? Well, recently we were presenting the hubEngage employee app solution for communications and engagement to a major automotive manufacturer in Detroit, and the Director of Interactive and Digital remarked how amazing it is that outside of work we use fantastic collaborative mobile application tools such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to communicate to the world what we are up to and what our interests are, but as soon as we come to work, all of a sudden it's like it's 1995 and we go back to primitive means of communicating by today's standards. The fear is if companies do not embrace the change that has already happened outside of the office, employees will resort to those external non-secure non-corporate sponsored social channels such as Facebook and what's app for example, to communicate. This is a lost opportunity for companies to weave in their corporate goals and ideas for the future of the business and a lost opportunity to involve their people and solicit feedback in order to make them a part of the process with whatever it is that company does work or creates.

That used to be that creating an employee mobile app meant either developing it in-house if you have the resources, or hiring a digital agency or app development firm to build you a custom white labeled platform with all the bells and whistles. That is not the case anymore. SAAS-based employee app platforms such as hubEngage have created the standard for companies of all sizes to quickly create robust employee apps for their people very quickly and at a very low cost. They get all the bells and whistles plus the latest mobile app location technology, such as geofencing and iBeacons, built in for a very small investment.

See how employee app platforms such as hubEngage can help push the needle on your corporate culture forward. Request your free tour and trial app today so you can explore the possibilities of building your corporate culture using an employee mobile app.


Download the white paper, Your Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Employee Engagement App, to view the app platform planning process in four easy-to-understand sections.


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