Building an employee brand—thanks to your app

There are lots of ways to engage your employees in the workplace. Traditional tactics range from the basic poster in the break room all the way to fancy gamification portals that reward and recognize. I’ve personally developed hundreds of tactics and campaigns across dozens of clients to achieve greater employee engagement. What I have learned is that [inlinetweet prefix="#engagement" tweeter="" suffix=""]in today’s digital world, tactics have to be creative, attention grabbing, intrinsically motivating and most importantly, quickly executed[/inlinetweet].

Enter the mobile platform. There is perhaps no better engagement platform out there than the mobile device. It’s the direction most companies are headed and in most part because it’s the one device we can’t seem to ever put down. Employees like being able to keep in touch on the go and get critical as well as entertainment from a mobile app. Companies will spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions on developing interactive web portals—and that’s good—but mobile reaches more people, faster and more effectively, cheaper. This is especially true if you can target users with content that is relevant to them instead of a one-size-fits-all approach (Re-targeting—see below).

Mobile tactics include:

  • Gamification
  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • Augmented reality
  • Quizzes
  • Coupons/loyalty/incentive based marketing
  • Important corporate communications
  • Videos/photos/multi-media
  • Much, much more…

Mobile technology allows for rich features such as augmented reality scanning (think scavenger hunts and other incentive based communications) while employing proximity technologies such as geofences and iBeacons so you can trigger the right message at the right time. And if you use continuous loop frameworks such as CoIL Engagement™, you can analyze and retarget automatically based on parameters you set in advance. Messages become personalized, and employee feel more connected to the brand—because the brand understands them. In many ways, your mobile app becomes a one-stop shop to engage, entertain, inform, reward and recognize you greatest employee brand ambassadors. And because of the speed and cost-effectiveness of mobile marketing, you can trigger many different tactics at once or take it slow and start with just a few or even one. Use it as you own little internal branding lab to see what works and what doesn’t.

You’ve heard the term “fail often” right? Well, in the mobile world, you can afford to try many different things, take risks and fail often so you know what works instead and amplify those efforts, saving development and management costs in the long run. Most comprehensive employee engagement programs are a minimum of several months—if not many years. You can now utilize the power of mobile and cut the development and execution time to a fraction, while spending a fraction of the costs by utilizing SAAS platforms. The app is proprietary and branded your way—the technology is SAAS and pay as you go/use. Low risk—high return! 


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