Effective employee communication is essential for any business to thrive. One of the best tools a company can deploy to increase peer to peer and group communications is instant messaging.


The fact is, instant messaging proves to be quicker in getting messaging across than picking up the phone and calling your colleague. As a communication channel, using robust instant messaging tools inside a broader internal communications platform can prove to be quite beneficial for employee productivity and satisfaction. Why? Sending simple messages in real-time can reduce sending unnecessary emails by 30%. By enabling instant messaging, businesses promote knowledge sharing and increase the convenience and accessibility of communication thereby making it easier for employees to work.


Here are some of the benefits of hosting an instant messenger or intranet on your internal communications and engagement platform:

  • Acts as an aid to connect all employees wherever they are in the world, both onsite and offsite.
  • It’s incredibly cost-friendly and saves several overhead costs.
  • Enables group discussions.
  • The business owns all data and conversations had on the platform since they independently own the platform. This also saves millions in data breach costs.
  • Since the business owns all the data and conversations, they have a record of all conversations.
  • Reduces the number of unnecessary emails sent and received which leads to a reduction in overflowing inboxes.
  • Encourages instant/real-time feedback.
  • It supports and promotes other forms of communication and engagement - Having an instant messaging portal that’s connected to your internal communications and engagement platform gives employees to share information cross channel too, taking information collected from instant messaging and posting something interesting on the internal social channel or vice versa.
  • Boost brainstorming, creativity, collaboration and strategizing.
  • Increase employee engagement tenfold.
  • Instant messaging leads to employees keeping their messages short, free from complicated jargon, and to the point leading to quicker and smoother communication.




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