With the amount of content being generated by employees, businesses don’t have to develop all their content from scratch. It proves to be beneficial to take advantage of User Generated Content to help further employee engagement.


Did you know that over 1.2 trillion pictures were taken in 2019? Averaging to about 650 pictures per person. It is inevitable that most of these pictures will end up on social media. To date, Facebook users have made over 2.5 trillion posts. More than 40 billion photos have been shared so far on Instagram. Pictures and stories of things they’ve done, things they believe in, facts, information, experiences, thoughts, beliefs; it all finds its way onto social media. This authentic and genuine content can be very beneficial for businesses.

UGC (User Generated Content) puts your users in the spotlight. Giving them the feeling of being heard which in turn gives them the chance to be highlighted by their employer. By Allowing your users to post their content on the internal communications platform gives them confidence to voice their opinions and allows them to share information with the rest of the employees and management within the organization.

As a business looking to engage their employees, content creation is part of a stakeholder’s daily activities and it involves gathering, sorting, and sharing the most relevant or helpful content with your employees. This will not only help to build employee engagement but also establish brand credibility and drive social media engagements enough to get your employees to also act as brand ambassadors.

UGC acts as the most natural form of storytelling. Given the general state of untrust, UGC gives credible information to the masses by the masses with the help of storytelling. People telling their stories in their own voices and passing on information will be viewed, heard, and trusted by more users than any piece of content generated by the business that doesn’t involve an employee.

In essence, all this leads to more engagement, authenticity, and brand loyalty. All harnessed from your internal social platform. Crowd source the best content from users of the platform to create and develop your own content like:

  • Best practices for specific internal processes
  • Recognition
  • Health and Safety alerts
  • Learning modules to improve skills
  • Achievements and milestones
  • News and information




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