Employee app gamification raises engagement

As employee apps become more  popular, different features deployed inside of employee apps make them more engaging. One of them is gamification. The term gamification is widely suggestive of s process to make ordinary tasks more fun and incentivized. This concept of gamification, once applied to employee apps, becomes a powerful tactic to increase participation and overall engagement in corporate communications. In this blog post we will talk about how successful enterprises are using employee app gamification techniques to increase engagement from employees.

Creating robust feature driven employee apps that help workforces become more productive, knowledgeable and efficient are becoming a central theme of most employee communication groups. Today, you can use software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers to create effective, robust employee apps that push content to employees at the right time and place and to the right person based on their role and responsibility inside of the organization. This can be done very cost-effectively for literally pennies on the dollar per employee, so that it becomes a sustainable and scaleable effort for the long term.

Adding features inside of employee apps such as pushing news, streaming video, surveys, rewards, recognition, points, badges, two-way messaging, storytelling and much more are just some of the tactics that make employee apps very powerful for internal communications.

  • But what if that is not enough? What if you create this awesome channel for internal communications through an employee app, but you are just not seeing engagement or people actually participating?
  • Can gamification help provide the incentive to get more of your people to engage?

Gamification has typically been used in web-based applications and also mobile "gaming"Apps. We've all played them before to pass the time. We are intrinsically motivated to participate, because we get satisfaction and entertainment out of it. We can apply the same concepts of these game mechanics to employee apps in order to create more engagement. In fact in many cases, when you have a millennial workforce that is projected to be the majority of the global workforce in a very short amount of time, it is essential to create incentivized, intrinsically motivating, fun, learning environments for your employees. Millennials tend to absorb information in bite-size pieces.

No one wants to read a long email on their mobile device or log on to an intranet to read a lengthy policy or procedure. Instead, the preferred delivery mechanism is through highly targeted and relevant content that is fun and incentivized. Playing games and learning combined, can be a very powerful tool when applied correctly.

For example when you push features inside of your employee app platform such as, reading a news piece, watching a video, taking a survey and other in app tactics, you can assign points to each action that a user takes. We call these "action based campaigns". When you set up an action based campaign inside of your employee app, you are not only pushing the critical internal communications content that you need your work force to engage with, you are incentivizing them with rewards and points that may be redeemed for something as inexpensive as a virtual badge, all the way up to trying out a sample of the product that you may be selling (attention retailers: awesome opportunity to get your vendors and product suppliers involved here, because it benefits them too).

Leader boards and personal profiles are a great way to promote employee app gamification in a peer-to-peer environment:

employee app gamification leader boards profile

Of course you can also give away a variety of other things such as gift cards, cash incentives, coupons, discounts--basically the sky is the limit in terms of rewards. No budget for rewards, you say? Try using free tactics such as badges and leadership recognition. You have no idea how much value a simple "good job" from a leader can go to a decentralized workforce.

The only caveat is you need to make sure that your employee app platform can first of all gamify content through an effective methodology, and also fulfill rewards and recognition so that the end-user has a memorable experience and can walk away with something tangible. Don't forget measurement is key. Make sure your employee app platform has a robust metric tool on the back end through a customizable dashboard views that give you downloadable reports on metrics like points, reward quantities and also big picture engagement statistics like employee net promoter scores (eNPS) etc.

Are you interested in seeing an employee app platform that not only has the robust feature driven tool-set that you need, but also can provide you with employee app gamification as a layer on top of all of your in app tactics? Check out hubEngage.com where you can see case studies, best practice videos, and get great advice on how to create successful, effective employee app gamification programs. You can even download a free trial of a gamified employee app and experience how addictive internal communications content can be, when it's gamified and incentivized.


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