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Social networks are not only popular, but essential to maintaining communication in today's digital and mobile world. This is becoming even more important inside of companies of all shapes and sizes. It has been a controversial topic for a lot of companies, that believe social networking can be a distraction and deterrent to employee productivity. However, the trend is now changing where companies are beginning to embrace social networks for their employees and are reaping the benefits of increased communications and engagement with fun, interactive features that are relevant to the workday. Installing employee app social feeds inside of your existing or future internal communications channels can be a valuable resource for both employees and employers.

I recently sat in a meeting with a senior internal marketer inside one of the big three auto makers in Detroit. He mentioned to me how interesting it was, that outside of work we engage in great communication channels with our friends and family such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and many more, but then we come to work and all of a sudden we go back to primitive communication channels to talk to our peers and colleagues, and somehow that's been...okay.

Something needs to change, because what we are seeing is, if companies do not create the channel for employees to effectively communicate, get information, give feedback, and be rewarded on, they will do it on their own using unsecured external facing social networks. Essentially, they'll create their own Facebook groups, Twitter feeds and WhatsApp messaging chat groups.

Obvious not good for the company, because it's a lost opportunity to weave in their corporate messaging, not to mention it's unsecured and could represent a breach of sensitive company information to the general public. And with the majority of the global workforce becoming the millennial population, this is even more important to address now, before it's too late. Millennial's and every generation there after demands information in highly relevant, small bite-size pieces, that is engaging and entertaining.

If you are not thinking among these themes, you are not preparing for the future reality.

Of course, there are internal social networks that are popular such as Jive, Yammer, and even Workplace by Facebook. But what we are seeing is that these options do not fit in nicely with a long-term overall strategy to increase communications and engagement to decentralized workforces. They become "one-off tactics", and while they may provide a short term spike in engagement and general buzz, they are not sustainable in the long run, nor are they scaleable with other features and tactics outside of just a social feed. Furthermore, there is a sentiment that when you use tools such as Workplace by Facebook, you quickly blur the lines between Facebook for personal use and Facebook for work use, and that inhibits productivity. See this previous article we published entitled "Is Workplace by Facebook right for your company? Are there better alternatives?"

Instead, many companies are opting for their own branded native customized employee apps that have built-in employee app social feeds. These employee app social feeds look just like any other social network application except they are now tied into part of a larger feature set inside of an employee app platform that provides other useful tools such as surveys, streaming news, videos, storytelling, feedback mechanisms, rewards and recognition and much more.

Furthermore, the efficacy of the employee app social feeds are now measured in conjunction with other tactics so that you see how effective all of your tools in one location are and how they work off of each other to create holistic employee communications and engagement. This can be done through intuitive administration back-end dashboards that are customizable and insightful.

So, what does an effective employee app social feeds mechanism look like? Well it has all the components you would expect inside of a social network. It gives you the ability to:

  • Share content (text, videos, photos and more)
  • Like content
  • Comment on content
  • Re-share content
  • Flag inappropriate content for moderation

It looks something like this:

employee app spcial feeds example

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