Employee Communication App Checklist for Healthcare Environments

Healthcare facilities can be ideal workplaces for introducing the employee communication app. While at first glance an employee app may appear disruptive, in fact, the right employee communication app can streamline many tasks, ultimately saving time and money.

If you’re considering introducing an employee communication app in your healthcare facility, it’s important to ensure it has all the right features and that management can use it in such a way as to get the most benefit from it. Here is a checklist of key features for the employee communication app in the healthcare environment.

It Should Push Critical Information

You should be able to use your employee communication app to push important information to users immediately. For example, if there is a hospital security incident, you could push the relevant information and instructions only to the people who are affected by it. With other information, such as weather events or scheduling matters, you should also be able to push the right information to the right personnel at the right time.

It Should Collect Feedback

Gathering employee feedback in a timely and painless manner can be immensely beneficial to a healthcare facility. For example, suppose you implement a new procedure as part of your overall hand hygiene strategy. Your employee communication app could ask for feedback from employees about the procedure asking, for example, if hand sanitizer stations are located conveniently. Tapping on a feedback button is quicker and more accurate for employees than providing verbal or handwritten feedback.

It Should Keep Employees Up to Date Regarding Benefits

Suppose the end of the calendar year is approaching and it’s time for employees to select their health insurance plan for the upcoming year. You can use your employee communication app to help employees compare their options and to keep them apprised of deadlines. The app could also be used to notify employees when more paid time off has accrued to them, or it could be used by employees to check paid time off balances. This is easier, more effective, and more efficient than paper memos in employee mailboxes.

It Should Incentivize Certain Content

Employee communication app

The employee communication app doesn’t have to be all business, all the time. Apps can be great tools for delivering on-the-job training, and training can be gamified so that it’s engaging and fun for employees. You can also incentivize procedures you want your employees to complete. For example, if you need everyone to complete a brief training module by a certain deadline, you could hold a drawing among the names of people who completed it on time to win a prize, such as a gift card or a premium parking space for the next month.

It Should Gather and Report on Analytics

With employee engagement apps, it’s important to know who has downloaded it, who has opened it, how often people use it, and what they use it to do. Your app should automatically gather this information, so you can measure how well it’s doing its job of keeping employees engaged in their work. It should let you know, for instance, if certain job categories use the app more than others, or if apps are used on certain shifts more than others, so you can identify any communication issues and address them right away.

Healthcare facilities are always being asked to do more with less and to do it better. The employee communication app is a tool that helps healthcare facilities and their employees streamline processes and cut down on wasted time. Great communication is absolutely essential in the healthcare environment, and the right app makes communication faster, more accurate, and in many cases, more entertaining.

HubEngage offers a platform for creating the custom employee communication app that does exactly what you need it to do. Not only can you add branding elements, you can deliver content instantly to the right people at the right time, offer training modules and gather analytics on completion, provide surveys and feedback tools, and incorporate time-savers like QR and barcode scanning. You can try the hubEngage app for free to discover its great capabilities for yourself. It could be the tool your healthcare facility needs to take care delivery to a higher level, benefiting employees and patients alike.


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