Employee communications app versus mobile intranet

More and more, we are hearing from enterprise customers who have digital content systems such as Intranets and even internal social networks for their employees, and have taken those systems and made them "mobile-friendly". But they problem is, they just don't have engagement. They can't get people to keep coming back on their own and engaging with the content. this is where an employee communications app platform makes a big difference.

Should they include better tactics, such as surveys, streaming news in various visual formats, rewards and recognition, gamification and maybe even instant peer to peer instant messaging? Absolutely--you should have all these features built into your platform. But again, most of the time, even the bells and whistles of a highly feature driven platform may not be enough.

The biggest mistake we see enterprises making is to simply take their existing Internet digital content and make it mobile enabled (i.e. responsive design format).

Making it "mobile friendly" is just half the battle. Sure, you have to have great content and engaging formats, but think about your distribution vehicle in terms of how you plan to disseminate the content. Simply taking your existing digital content and mobilizing it to your entire workforce is a one-size-fits-all solution. With an employee communications app platform you have the opportunity to take advantage of several exclusive technologies that can personalize content streams to individual users based on their location, demographic background i.e. who are they and what are their roles inside the company, and their behavioral usage of the system itself meaning what kinds of content have they historically engaged with in the past.

For example...

  • What if you could send different content and messaging to millennials than say baby boomers?
  • What if you could take messaging for hourly employees and make that different than management staff?
  • What if you could take it a step further and have an intelligent enough platform to know who is who and give tailored content streams that trigger at the right time and place? Like a quick survey when they arrive to work...or helpful benefits information on their lunch break?

You need to have a robust mobile first employee communications app platform for engagement that combines proven tactics such as gamification, rewards and recognition, streaming news formats, push notifications, instant peer to peer and group messaging and much more, combined with technology such as audience segmentation geo-location and behavioral tracking. You also need a system that is going to give you measured data in the form of robust analytics and engagement metrics so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of your work force. Look for platforms, such as hubEngage's CoIL Engagement Framework, that have a well-thought out strategy that combines best practice employee engagement and communications tactics with technology strategy to address these challenges.

Having a specific employee communications app platform for engagement has its advantages. Not only communicating to your distributed workforce in a faster more cost-effective framework, But also refining your content streams based on the data you get back from usage of the platform. Content is very expensive to develop whether it be digital creative visual, you name it, it costs money to create deploy maintain and update. You should be using the data intelligence from your employee communications and engagement platform to refine your content streams and start spending money on content that is relevant and engaging and cut budgets on content that just doesn't go anywhere.

Employee communications app platforms for engagement such as hubEngage are designed from the ground up to specifically give companies the ability to quickly and cost-effectively solve internal communication challenges. With tools such as built in employee audience segmentation, geo-location awareness, and robust user reporting tools, you can quickly create a robust employee mobile app and start communicating better with your workforce in very little time. Learn more here.


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