Creating employee safety apps for your work force can be a great way to communicate critical safety information to ensure a productive, efficient and safe work place environment. They are also a great tool to solicit feedback from your work force on best practices in employee safety related ideas. Employee safety apps quickly create knowledge bases that inform, educate and inspire a safe work environment.

Typically in the past, companies have pushed employee safety policies and guidelines through printed materials, emails, intranets as well as physical and online suggestion boxes. This can be a cumbersome process to manage and continually innovate. By creating employee safety apps, companies can consolidate a lot of different administrative tasks, as well as improve upon the user experience to make it more engaging and productive. This can be done quite inexpensively and quickly using software-as-a-service SaaS platforms that create employee safety apps.

For example, a manufacturing company can quickly create employee safety apps and deploy to multiple decentralize locations globally, while managing the content and administration centrally. If you want to have multiple administrators in different regions, that is also possible.

The two most important aspects to creating effective employee safety apps are audience segmentation and geo-location push notifications. Make sure the platform you select for creating engaging employee safety apps can accomplish these two important aspects.

  • When you have the ability to segment your audience, you can push important health and safety information through employee safety apps to different employees based on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Furthermore it is important to push safety information when it matters the most, for example when they are arriving into a defined work space where safety is important, or when they are not engaged in an activity that requires their attention, such as manufacturing a product. This is where geo-location notifications help to push the content at the right time and place to the right person.

Two-way feedback mechanisms:

Creating a two-way mechanism inside employee safety apps also further enables employees to be a part of the dialogue, and give innovative suggestions and solutions to pressing problems that they encounter in there every day work. By submitting stories with text, photos and video, they can be a part of the solution and give corporate administrators the crowd sourced ideas they need in order to create future safety tips, awareness, policies and much more.

Companies can then moderate this incoming stream of content from employees and edit, weave in any appropriate company messaging as appropriate and republish back into the app into an archive of approved best practices. This is super useful inside verticals such as manufacturing, retail and others.

It looks something like this:

employee storytelling app

Are you interested in seeing an example of employee safety apps? Check out where you can view all the features, analytics, dashboards and much more that come with employee safety apps. View best practices, case studies , videos and even start your own free trial of sample demo employee safety apps today for both iOS and android.


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