Employee training apps develop talent

Employee training apps can be an effective part of any internal corporate training program. These apps can be designed to satisfy a variety of goals, including recruitment, training, onboarding, and retention. Using features such as training guides, learning modules, streaming video, knowledge transfer mechanisms, quizzes, surveys, even scavenger hunts, companies of any size can make effective employee training apps a valuable part of any training department.

Typically in the past, training methods have been the traditional type of computer-based learning systems, in-person individual and group live sessions, virtual video training, and even paper employee manuals and documentation. However, as workforces become driven by the millennial generation, it is increasingly important to reach employees at all stages of their career in an effective, convenient and rewarding platform.

Employee training apps can have lots of great features that are asynchronously accessible, 24/7 to the employee and are fun and engaging to participate in. Whether you are pushing out a new corporate policy, training employees on a new product or service that you will be offering customers, or simply continuing education on a variety of topics, employee training apps can satisfy all of these requirements and many more.

Using an intuitive back-end dashboard, administrators can easily integrate with existing learning management (LMS) and training systems to import data into their employee training apps and also create content using creation tools and deploy on the fly in real time.

Corporate administrators can even create tasks for training. For example if you want your employees to complete a certain amount of training, you can create what we call an "action based campaign", where are you push out content to employees and ask them to complete a certain set of tasks such as viewing content, take a quick knowledge quiz and submit feedback. You can even incentivize this task with points and rewards for employees who complete their training in an efficient and timely manner. This way you verify that employee training has been completed, but more importantly that knowledge transfer has taken place, when you get employees to tell you about what they learned. This 360° feedback mechanism ensures training success.

Here are two methods to make employee training apps even more powerful:

  • Segmentation: Training content can be pushed out to employees based on their role and responsibility inside of the organization, so you know that the training is highly relevant to the employee and they will see value in it. This is accomplish through employee segmentation tools to build into the employee training apps.
  • Geo-location Push Notifications: In order to get engagement, you can push notify the employee of the availability of training materials at the right time and the right place using geolocation technology. This way you catch them when they are most likely to interact and also when they are not performing a mission critical function of their job, such as dealing with a customer or manufacturing a product for example. An example of this would be to push notify workers on their downtime (if it's optional) or specific location where you want them to engage in training (if it's required).

All of your training activity can be monitored and measured through a back-end dashboard that gives you the high-level reporting in an analytics panel, and also the ability to deep dive through downloadable custom reporting tools.

Are you interested in seeing an example of employee training apps? Check out hubEngage.com and see some best practices case studies and examples of deployed employee training apps that make impact. Start a free trial and test out all of the different features that you can deploy inside of employee training apps. You can customize the look and feel and add content depending on the variety of options and flexible employee training tools to build into this platform. See for yourself today!


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