Five ways to keep employee app content fresh

Employee apps for communication and engagement are becoming more and more popular, as organizations of all sizes look to communicate more effectively to their workforces. Whether you have an organization with just a few employees, or you are a massive global organization with many employees, locations and a decentralized workforce, employee communication apps are a great way to get internal communications across effectively and create engagement. But you need to have a strategy to keep the content on your employee app content fresh.

Here are five ways to keep your employee app content fresh and engaging:

  1. Content is King! There is the old adage that on any digital medium, content is king, and in the case of employee apps, it certainly applies as well. But in addition to fresh employee app content, make sure you are pushing content through different format types such as streaming news, video, surveys,rewards and recognition, storytelling, peer-to-peer and group instant messaging and more. Your employee app platform should be able to push features and tactics instantly through an intuitive back-end dashboard on the fly, on-demand, so that you can meet the internal communications needs of your workforce.
  2. Gamify your content. In order to get engagement in your employee app content, you have to create intrinsic motivation that helps promote the content and give users a reason to engage in the first place. By using gamification tools that apply tangible benefits such as rewards, points, badges, coupons and even things like physical goods with value and gift cards, you can increase engagement instantly on your every day content. Gamification also means you are taking your existing content and placing it in a format that is fun and engaging such as trivia, quizzes, surveys and more.
  3. Invite participation. Just like social media draws us to check-in and participate in posts, use your employee app content to solicit participation from your employee base through tactics such as storytelling feeds that allow users to upload text, photos, and videos around a certain theme or initiative. Add social elements such as liking commenting and sharing with other employees. You can decide whether to have this employee app content information shared to external social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, or keep it internal in your employee app only for consumption by authorized employees.
  4. Segment your content. Use employee segmentation tools to target specific audiences inside of your organization so that the employee app content is highly relevant to people with specific roles and responsibilities. Multi-level segmentation is a highly effective tactic to increase engagement with your employee app content and makes sure that the right employee app content is getting to the right audience inside of your organization.
  5. Targeting content. Push employee app content at the right time, and right place, to the right person. Use targeting tools inside of your employee app such as push notifications and Geo-location. Having the ability to push employee app content at the most opportune moment when your employees are more likely to engage is critical to getting effective employee app content across. This is a big differentiation between using intranets and employee mobile apps. Intranets can be clunky, and while you may post information, you have no idea if your people are actually getting it, viewing it and engaging in it. And while some intranets have mobile counterparts to them, they don't offer the push notification features or specific geo-location targeting for employee app content that allows companies to set a proximity radius and trigger content at the right time and place.

Does your employee app platform do all of the five things above?

Your employee app should allow you to take advantage of these features and activate them on the fly through an intuitive back in dashboard that you as the administrator control. Would you like to see an example of an employee app platform that does this? Check out and start a free trial of an employee app to see just how powerful this tool can be inside of your organization.


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