Intelligent Social Feeds in Employee Apps

Employee Generated Content is a big thing these days to create brand advocacy. Although we had curated user story feature in our hubEngage platform, some of our clients started requesting for a social feed feature as well where employees can post short status updates, pictures and videos to an unmoderated feed (see our previous blog post for difference between these two). So we went ahead and added that feature. But the question was how could we build a social feed that is different from the gazillion other employee Apps and actually made a dent in employee engagement. That entire thought process resulted in the creation of intelligent social feeds for employee Apps.

Intelligence in social feeds

You can create user segments on our hubEngage platform based on different criteria like user activity, user groups, age, gender, locations, departments and more. Depending on user properties, employees can fall into any of these segments. Since we know a particular employees' segments, we can intelligently filter the social feed to present data from other employees who fall in the same segment at that instant of time.

By automatically filtering the stories in the social feed, we can make sure that each employee is looking at content that is relevant for them. At the same time since the HR or the internal communication teams create the segments, they have the ability to control who falls into which segments thus controlling the feeds in a way although it is unmoderated. The result - no subscribing to hashtags, joining groups etc. employees can get the right content as soon as they open their Apps.

Incentivizing participation in social feeds

It is not just enough to have social feeds in employee Apps. You need to make sure there is decent participation not just with posting the feeds but also with comments for each post. You can do this by assigning points for each of these activities with daily and monthly limits. That way when employees post, comment or like, they can accrue points and redeem them later for rewards.


Bottomline is this - if you are implementing the social feed feature in your employee Apps, make sure they are intelligent and incentivized otherwise it'll become like any other enterprise tool - you may see usage initially when every one wants to check out something new but that participation will go down quickly. 

Learn more about our hubEngage platform to see how you can get intelligent social feeds in employee Apps.


Download the white paper, Your Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Employee Engagement App, to view the app platform planning process in four easy-to-understand sections.


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