Managing Change in Your Manufacturing Workforce with Employee Mobile Apps

Change management has begun to impact the manufacturing industry is dozens of ways. Companies that get it right often enjoy stronger teams, better workflows, improved safety, and more productivity; those that do not can expect to suffer the opposite consequences. An employee mobile app offers the first step to mastering change in your manufacturing workforce.

Send Push Notifications to Keep Workers Involved with the Process

Regardless of the nature of change that might occur at your manufacturing facility, you need a way to quickly and effectively communicate with your employees. Push notifications allow you to send targeted messages that relay critical information and that get seen and read faster than emails and other forms of communication.

The best employee mobile apps offer push notification technology that adapts to the situation. For instance, manufacturing facilities employ all types of professionals, and they might not all need the same information. By segmenting your audiences and sending notifications only to those employees who need to see them, you send the message that you will communicate with employees when it really matters.

You can use push notifications to let employees know about incoming deliveries, hiccups in the logistics process, safety awareness reminders, and the availability of new training materials. If you need to shut the plant down suddenly because of unanticipated conditions, you have a quick and easy way of accomplishing that.

Unfortunately, emails and text messages get ignored, especially while people are on the job. You might appreciate this fact, since you want your workers to focus on the tasks ahead of them, so use your employee engagement app to make sure that employees receive critical news when it matters.

Engage Socially With Employees to Assess Their Reactions to Change

Change can prove difficult for manufacturing employees to accept, especially when they have been with your organization for years. As you introduce new protocols, procedures, technology, and equipment, you might experience some pushback from employees who disagree with the direction in which you have taken changes or who do not feel they can adapt to changing conditions in the workplace.

Employee mobile apps make soliciting and processing feedback easy. A simple survey can yield plenty of information about how your employees feel and what they want from management.  As long as you create a culture in which you celebrate feedback and never punish workers for giving their honest opinions, your employees will be candid as they share their opinions with you.

Of course, social engagement is essential to creating the ideal workplace environment. Even if you do not use formal tools to solicit opinions from your workforce, you can gauge the cultural climate by engaging with them socially on your employee mobile app.

Invite them to share their stories and anecdotes, send them instant messages, and involve them in conversations that impact their jobs.

Employ Mobile App Training to Educate Workers on New Responsibilities and Technology

Employee mobile app

Throughout any kind of change, you will likely promote workers, assign new responsibilities, create new chains of accountability, and incorporate new equipment and technology. All of these changes require a robust training platform on which employees can rely.

Employee mobile apps let you design customized training modules that employees can follow at their own pace. Best of all, you do not have to give long speeches or work one-on-one with employees for hours. Instead, you deliver multiple methods of learning on a single app and let employees access those modules via their mobile devices.

Essentially, you are reducing the costs, time, and headaches associated with employee training while improving workforce engagement. It is a win-win situation.

Create Surveys and Polls to Assess Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Surveys and polls are not just useful for getting relevant input on specific changes in the manufacturing workplace. They can also be used to better understand your employees' level of satisfaction and engagement. Well-crafted survey and poll questions can yield detailed feedback that you can apply to future changes.

For instance, consider creating a survey using open-ended questions. Let employees fill in the blanks. Ask them to be candid in their assessments; as long as they use respectful language and maintain decorum, they should be able to express themselves honestly.

These tools can also help you customize your employee mobile app so it fits your workforce's needs. Ask them which modules they like the most and which they use the least. Find out if they want you to add a feature that might help them perform their jobs more effectively.

Employee engagement apps deliver several essential tools for managing change in the manufacturing workforce. No matter what kinds of changes your organization undergoes, you can manage employees effectively and help them feel safer in their jobs. Contact us to learn more about how hubEngage can help you create the ideal workplace culture.


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