Millennial employee apps build communication

In today's digital day and age, it is becoming increasingly more important to take advantage of technologies that help you communicate to segments of your employee population effectively and in an engaging manner. One of the most difficult employee segments to communicate with is millennials, which will be the dominant percentage of the global workforce very soon. This segment of employees tends to absorb communications in mobile, small format, visually engaging and entertaining channels only. That's why millennial employee apps are becoming the fastest growing communication channel for companies of all sizes globally, as they begin to adopt channels that provide communications in an engaging format while getting the message across effectively.

We all have many options as to how we communicate today. Whether we use telephone, emails, instant messaging, social media or any of the other various digital formats available to us just a tap and click away, it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate when there are so many channels out there. Further more, getting the message across becomes very even harder when you're talking corporate communications. Many companies are creating millennial employee apps that are gamified, have streaming video, news, instant group messaging and peer to peer messaging, rewards and recognition as well as other components that add to the engagement factor of basic every day internal communications.

Here are some of the elements of today's proper millennial employee apps. It will have features such as...

  • featured news content
  • streaming videos
  • instant messaging
  • rewards and recognition with points, badges and tangible things such as gift cards or coupons
  • quizzes, trivia, gamification, surveys, and more

But perhaps the most intriguing element of millennial employee apps are the ability for the user to provide to weigh feedback to the company through text, photos, videos, storytelling and content sharing. This gives the millennial employee a voice and "skin in the game". It makes them not only a part of the dialogue, but also the solution.

Many companies are beginning to realize that if they do not create millennial employee apps, they are missing out on a lost opportunity to weave in their internal communications messaging, policies, and important news about company happenings. Furthermore they are finding that employees will go out on their own and start to communicate on other digital channels such as social media-Facebook, instant messaging-WhatsApp, and other various media channels. This is a problem when you have sensitive important company information that you don't want the whole world to see, so you would rather have them on a secure internal facing channel only.

In essence, it's better for you to create the highway for them to drive on, where along the road they can not only get to where they want to, but also see the things and sites you want them to experience along the journey.

Would you like to see millennial employee apps that can help you push the needle on employee communications and engagement, no matter how big or diverse and decentralized your organization is? Would you like to try out sample demo millennial employee apps and see what the user experience is like? Head on over to and get started today! View more case studies like the one we talked about in this blog post as well as videos and other useful tactic ideas for millennial employee apps.


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