Mobile engagement at all levels: Customers, employees and advertisers

Engagement is a big buzz word these days, specifically as it pertains to customers, employees and advertisers alike. But as we begin to address each one of those engagement animals individually, one must ask: are any or all of the segments inter-related to each other? Furthermore, is there a medium in which to address all three at the same time?

If we dissect each of the segments individually, we see that each one actually has a dependence and effect on the next. There is a chain reaction of sorts. For example, if you start with employees who understand their role in what they do in their jobs every day, they will in turn provide better customer service. Customers are in turn more likely to engage in their experience with you and buy more. Advertisers will take notice of this positive effect and want to tap into that engagement stream so they can promote and communicate their products or services more effectively. And the cycle continues over and over again, each segment making the next smarter and stronger.

One can’t help but imagine the mobile space as the best way to efficiently engage all three of these segments fast, efficiently and cost effectively. [tweet_quote hashtags="#mobileengagement" ]Using smarter mobile engagement technology [/tweet_quote]to reach employees and customers is easy to do. There’s gamification, loyalty and brand advocacy to be had every step of the way. Add proximity and behavioral analytics into the mix for re-targeting to make the experience even more intuitive and personal, and you’re creating something really powerful. Walk on to the marketing floor of any major company and they are all working to find ways to target the millennial generation more effectively. Use the mobile space.

Perhaps the icing on the cake of using the mobile space is that you can[tweet_quote hashtags="#monetization" ] effectively increase the advertising real estate value[/tweet_quote] inside your apps, offsetting the costs of running such a program. A smart marketer can actually devise an entire program that addresses all three segments, employees, customer and advertisers, while fundraising the budget to do so at the same time and not only create more engagement, but turn the mobile channel into a profit center. Who’s the hero now? :)


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