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The Importance of Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

The concept of work-life balance seemed to be a lot more valid when everyone went to an office every day back in a time when Covid-19 didn’t plague the streets. Having a healthy work-life balance was no easy feat back then, nor has it become easier...

4 Ways Human Resources Can Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the core contributing factors to every company’s success. HR departments must make sure to have an employee engagement strategy in place from day one as opposed to creating one as crisis management. We take a look at 4...

10 Of The Best Employee Engagement Ideas to Supercharge Productivity

Over the years employee engagement has become more and more popular and today holds as much merit in a company as the amount of annual revenue it makes. For a business to make profits and continuously grow it needs to function internally in the best...

CEO's Guide To Employee Engagement: Multi-Format Surveys

Gain the ability to ask in-depth and detailed questions with multi-format surveys that has more focus as opposed to getting insights from asking top-level questions.

Employee Engagement and How it Benefits Your Business

Employee engagement has become the primary indicator of measuring work satisfaction and level of productivity. Organizations world over are taking the necessary steps to optimize employee engagement and boost ROI. Employee engagement is generally...

CEO's Guide to Employee Engagement: Templated Surveys to Boost Employee Engagement

Get super focused responses to all your surveys and get accurate employee insights with the help of templated surveys. Focus less on creating the surveys and more on customizing them based on employee feedback.

CEO's Guide to Employee Engagement: Customizable Surveys

Surveys are a great way to engage employees and get insight into their thoughts, opinions and overall morale. With HubEngage, you can create your own customized surveys with questions and answers to get the results you seek fast.

CEO's Guide to Employee Engagement: Internal Employee Directories

When creating an Internal communications platform for your employees, it is helpful to create or link to existing directories within your internal engagement platform, so that employees can find information on contact information, locations, and...

CEO's Guide To Employee Engagement: Instant Messaging To Boost Communication

Effective employee communication is essential for any business to thrive. One of the best tools a company can deploy to increase peer to peer and group communications is instant messaging.