Retail associate news apps foster awareness

Communicating to retail associates in multiple locations can be a difficult challenge. Because retail associates are hardly ever in front of computers and are always on the go inside of stores of all shapes and sizes, information has to be delivered to them in highly engaging, relevant, bite-size pieces that can be consumed and interpreted easily. This is where retail associate news apps can be a highly effective communications tool that drives engagement.

Many retailers have issued mobile devices to employees inside of stores operating on store Wi-Fi networks to access retail associate news apps that keep them informed, educated, motivated and inspired, so that they can perform their job to the best of their ability. Many even empower their own employees to use their own personal devices if they elect to. But retail associate news apps like any other mobile app can come in many different flavors.

It is important to choose a platform that delivers retail associate news apps designed to not only push content, such as news, streaming videos, surveys, announcements, messaging any much more, but also one that can target different groups of individuals through employee segmentation and trigger content notifications based on an employee's precise location. This way, every retail associate gets a unique experience based on their role and a rank inside of the store (or corporate function), and they get it delivered to their device at the right time and place, where it has the most relevancy and impact. this form of "just-in-time" last mile communications can mean the difference between a positive and negative customer experience.

Retail associate news apps can push all sorts of content about products and services, employee benefits, important corporate initiatives and events as well as ongoing daily tasks that help drive associate communications and engagement. Companies can even use gamification inside of their retail associate news apps so that the experience is fun and memorable, and creates a peer to peer affect among employees. It is a great way to reward and recognize, while also solicit feedback from your employees on best practices, exceptional customer service experiences, current problems and much more. Management can keep their finger on the retail associate pulse and get feedback on what's working and what is not working.

Retail associate news apps are also a great way for store, regional and corporate leadership to have a two-way dialogue with employees, that they ordinarily may not be able to interface with on a daily basis. The insights that can be extracted from these two-way dialogue and feedback mechanisms inside of retail associate employee apps can be very powerful, informing future associate initiatives and the content that drives them. You must be able to measure engagement of your tactics that you are deploying inside of your retail associate news app so that you can make a better future decisions on your retail associate strategy.

Make sure that you pick a platform that creates retail associate news apps with you robust analytics and deep insights, and the ability to slice and dice data through reporting and measurement tools on a back dashboard. It should not only give you the deep insights, but it should also give you the very high-level 30,000 foot view very quickly, so that you can assess the current retail associate engagement level.

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