There were several changes businesses made to adapt to the shifting tide, here are 4 of the main changes that lead to benefits for organizations worldwide.


“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity” John F. Kennedy said this in his campaign speech in 1959. During a crisis, it’s hard to see the good and positive side. But there’s always good that comes out of the bad. WWI led to more women in the workforce in the United Kingdom; thanks to the suffragettes. The tsunami in 2004 that hit east Asia led to the rebuilding of almost entire cities like Phuket improving their infrastructure. COVID-19 too has a silver lining and it comes in the form of innovation. Innovation in adapting to the current times and lifestyle to maintain productivity and motivation.

The majority of the global workforce was used to sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 in an office and getting the job done. Self-isolation has led to the realization that the job (most office jobs) can be done sitting at home with the right technology and a good wifi connection. In fact, for some, productivity may have increased because they found themselves to be in an environment they are more comfortable in. This makes one think; is it really necessary to be sitting at a desk 9-5. The code of conduct has been obliged to change; it’s even led to major corporations adapting to modern times. This includes legacy brands that were reluctant to shift from their old ways to set up eCommerce stores, forcing them to shift from brick and mortar to online. One of the biggest problem areas that were addressed is the importance of communication and employee engagement within organizations and how it directly correlates to productivity.

There were several changes businesses made to adapt to the shifting tide, here are 4 of the main changes that lead to benefits for organizations worldwide:

a. Improve flexibility and employee morale

With everyone working from home, employees have more control over when they work, how long they work for and how they work. This added control has reinforced the sense of freedom for employees within the organization. It leads them to put in more hours of genuine work.

b. Enhancement of overall communication

Organizations were made to face the fact that they needed to maintain clear cut, constant & transparent communication with employees to get them to stay motivated and perform. Communication leads to higher engagement which leads to higher motivation which finally leads to boosted productivity. With the help of solutions like HubEngage to maintain a steady flow of communication with employees as well as engage one on one with every employee on a platform easily accessible from the palm of their hands.

c. The cost-effectiveness of working remotely

There are cost benefits on both ends. As an employee; I save on time, travel, and mental strain (for some). It puts a little balance back into work-life balance. As an employer, you save on rent & maintenance of large office spaces, travel expenses & board expenses, and several other miscellaneous expenses that come with employee engagement activities. Businesses are now investing in cost-effective tools that help engage their employees along with owning an independent turnkey platform that helps them develop and regulate content. They’re able to keep track of data to assess employee engagement levels and are able to act faster to address situations.

d. Educate to improve/enhance professional development

With more accessible time people are looking to improve their skills and learn more. With a more accessible budget now is the right time for businesses to consider helping their employees enrich their skillset to help them climb further up the ladder and to further company growth and success. Invest in your employees for them to invest in you. This also lowers the attrition rate, employees stick with a company for longer when they see their growth trajectory clearly planned out if they stay with the company. Design training courses and outline their completion with employee promotions or a reward system. This gives employees more incentive to complete the training programs.


“In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity. - Albert Einstein. When the changing environment cannot be controlled, businesses should take this as a challenge and control the way they respond to the change. The power is in recognizing opportunities where opportunities lie and benefiting from them.


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