Stop guessing, start targeting

The world of shopper marketing is dramatically changing. Within a few years, we’ll see a lot of the[tweet_quote hashtags="#physicaltodigital" ] traditional advertising tactics to get shoppers attention integrated into digital formats[/tweet_quote], moving away from archaic print channels, in an effort to increase targeting.

Instead of mass printing the weekly tab or newspaper insert that advertises this week’s specials, we’ll see that content digitized and pushed out through web and mobile apps. The biggest reason is because of the advantage digital channels provides over print.

Here are the main advantages:

  • Execution speed: it is simply much faster to electronically push marketing messages out versus print
  • Sustainability: stop wasting precious resources and start using more sustainable practices to communicate with your consumer base
  • Personalized content: content can be personalized to provide hyper-relevancy. So you can stop guessing what the average masses might want, and start targeting individual
  • Re-targeting ability: The ability to measure consumer behavior, feedback and geo-location and re-target them with increasing relevancy over time is the future of marketing

So [tweet_quote hashtags="#targetmarketing" ]stop guessing and applying a “one-size fits all solution” to your shopper marketing agenda[/tweet_quote]. You’re losing a majority of your audience if you assume everyone wants the same messaging. Start applying smarter technologies to your existing channels and watch engagement grow automatically when your customers get what they want, exactly when they need it.

You can do all of this today using smart web and mobile app technology frameworks, such as CoIL Marketing™ from hubEngage.


Download the white paper, Your Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Employee Engagement App, to view the app platform planning process in four easy-to-understand sections.


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