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7 Must-Haves for Your Employee Engagement App

If you are thinking about implementing an employee engagement app at your company, do not choose the first one that catches your eye. Instead, investigate your options so you know which features are included with which products. The best employee...

7 Ways Workers Use Employee Communication Apps

As a savvy business owner, you have interest in investing in technology only if you can clearly see its benefit to your organization. If you are wondering whether or not your workforce will embrace employee communication apps, consider the following...

Top 4 Benefits of Getting Employee Engagement Right

Before you can improve your workplace, you must fully understand the benefits of employee engagement in your organization. How does it change your workplace culture? Does it impact your bottom line? And how does everyone in the company benefit from...

Communicate to Hourly Employees Using an Employee Mobile App

Companies that have hourly or exempt employees,  decentralized work forces and high employee turnover have some of the most difficult challenges with providing effective internal communications to their people. Particularly companies in specific...

Revamping Internal Communications in Healthcare for Increased Engagement

If you are working or have ever worked in a healthcare system, including hospitals, urgent care clinics, laboratories and pharmacies, you know how tough it is to get information from management or know what is happening in your company in general....

Storytelling 101: How Wynn Resorts Used This Tactic to Create a Successful Brand

Storytelling has become an effective tactic to increase employee communication and engagement. Collecting these stories can be burdensome and time consuming. However with an employee app platform such as hubEngage, companies are now able to extract...

The Difference Is in the Employee Engagement Algorithm

You hear people throw around big data in HR and employee engagement algorithm as their secret sauce to describe how their platform improves your employee engagement metrics. But, one has to think if a lot of thought and effort went into said...