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Employee App Tactics and Strategies to Increase Engagement

Hyper-local content marketing 101

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Cross selling and upselling using iBeacons

iBeacons are a great way to reach app users on the go, to let them know of deals, offers, incentives, gamification, surveys, pretty much the sky is the limit on engagement tactics. But what about using the beacons to cross sell and upsell?

Mobile Apps + Shopper Marketing = Best Friends Forever

Mobile apps should be every shopper marketer’s best friend. Why this channel over the endless choices of others like TV, web (paid or organic), social, etc.? Most importantly, because the user downloaded the app, which means they want to connect...

Every mobile action should have an app reaction

Mobile apps are a great way to measure and react to your customer’s behaviors. Right now, too many mobile apps simply push content. They don’t do anything else beyond that. They might push goods, services, promotions, loyalty programs, coupons and...