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Employee App Tactics and Strategies to Increase Engagement

Avoiding paralysis by analysis: Snapshot analytics

Having the ability to tap into your customer base and see what’s trending is an invaluable asset to any marketer or decision maker. For years we have all used tools like surveys, big data reports, qualitative and quantitative reporting, focus...

Augmented Reality = Ultimate Engagement

Is augmented reality poised to be the next big thing for in-store engagement? More and more, we are seeing retailers embrace this tactic to push all sorts of informational content to customers while they are shopping. And manufacturers of products...

Stop guessing, start targeting

The world of shopper marketing is dramatically changing. Within a few years, we’ll see a lot of the[tweet_quote hashtags="#physicaltodigital" ] traditional advertising tactics to get shoppers attention integrated into digital formats[/tweet_quote],...

INFOGRAPHIC - Engaging users on the experiential path


Badges - Does anyone really care?


Gamification only gets you so far

Gamification has perhaps been the most popular buzz term for marketers in the past few years. We throw the word around as an engagement tactic faster than Porsche can say turbo. It is extremely effective, and the practice of gamifying ordinary...

Incentive marketing with gamification

Gamification is a proven tactic to improve engagement scores across organizations. This is a proven fact. But how do you get your audience to engage in the gamification tactics you have put in place? Many offer incentive marketing such as….

Building a smarter employee mobile app

By now, all internal marketers and communications pros should be on the employee mobile app bandwagon. If not, there is overwhelming evidence they will see brand engagement erosion over a short time period, eventually falling into oblivion—or that...

Mobile engagement at all levels: Customers, employees and advertisers

Engagement is a big buzz word these days, specifically as it pertains to customers, employees and advertisers alike. But as we begin to address each one of those engagement animals individually, one must ask: are any or all of the segments...

What are your tactics telling you?

Companies come up with all sorts of tactics to increase engagement across of a wide medium of channels every day.