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Employee App Tactics and Strategies to Increase Engagement

Is Workplace by Facebook right for your company? Are there better alternatives?

Workplace by Facebook first hit the market in late 2016. This version of Facebook was designed for use within enterprises. The idea was to create an employee communication and engagement platform using features well-known by Facebook users, such as...

Can Your Employee Communication App Save a Life?

Is there a relationship between strong employee engagement in the healthcare industry and positive patient outcomes? Could an employee communication app actually help save lives? Consider this.

Five ways to keep employee app content fresh

Employee apps for communication and engagement are becoming more and more popular, as organizations of all sizes look to communicate more effectively to their workforces. Whether you have an organization with just a few employees, or you are a...

The difference is in the employee engagement algorithm

You hear people throw around big data in HR and employee engagement algorithm as their secret sauce to describe how their platform improves your employee engagement metrics. But, one has to think if a lot of thought and effort went into said...