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4 Reasons Why Successful Companies Use Employee Surveys

6 Female Leaders Changing the Face of the Workplace

Managing Holiday Season Retail Employee Experience

3 Tips To Boost Employee Engagement During The Holiday Season

Engaging Employees Post Election Day



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6 Female Leaders Changing the Face of the Workplace

Over the years the fight for equality has proven to be far from futile. In the late 1970s, women earned about 62% as much as men. As of 2010, women in America on average earned 81% of what their male counterparts earned. The percentage remains on...

Managing Holiday Season Retail Employee Experience

The holiday season is the most intense time of the year for the retail industry. Employers must enhance their employee experience in order to provide great customer service. The end of the year holiday season is both the most important and most...

3 Tips To Boost Employee Engagement During The Holiday Season

2020 has indeed put every employee engagement tactic to the test. Companies have had to work twice as hard to engage employees in order to keep workplace satisfaction and positivity at a decent (if not high) level. Now that the holiday season is...

Engaging Employees Post Election Day

With the country going through so many emotions of being so divided yet at the same time so united when it comes to wanting the best for the country, heated political conversations will find their way into the workplace too. Companies need to take...

COVID-19 Slide: Employee Engagement For Blue Collar Workers

While white-collar workforces are working from home, blue-collar workers risk their lives every day going into work. Whether they work in factories or are front-line healthcare workers, companies need to go the extra mile to keep the blue-collar...

Can The White Collar Workforce Avoid The COVID-19 Slide?

With global white-collar workforces still working from home as the third wave of the pandemic underway, the COVID slide is to blame for their lack of engagement. This can be remedied, minimized, or even avoided by taking a few simple steps.  

Can Company Culture Affect Work Environment?

Company culture acts as a binding agent for any successful company’s workforce. In this article, we take a look at how deeply the work environment can affect company culture.

How To Identify A Disengaged Employee

An engaged employee can boost productivity, improve morale, increase ROI, and much more. But what effects does a disengaged employee have on an organization and how can we spot one before the negative effects spread throughout the company?

The Importance of Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

The concept of work-life balance seemed to be a lot more valid when everyone went to an office every day back in a time when Covid-19 didn’t plague the streets. Having a healthy work-life balance was no easy feat back then, nor has it become easier...