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3 Tips To Boost Employee Engagement During The Holiday Season

2020 has indeed put every employee engagement tactic to the test. Companies have had to work twice as hard to engage employees in order to keep workplace satisfaction and positivity at a decent (if not high) level. Now that the holiday season is...

The Importance of Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

The concept of work-life balance seemed to be a lot more valid when everyone went to an office every day back in a time when Covid-19 didn’t plague the streets. Having a healthy work-life balance was no easy feat back then, nor has it become easier...

10 Of The Best Employee Engagement Ideas to Supercharge Productivity

Over the years employee engagement has become more and more popular and today holds as much merit in a company as the amount of annual revenue it makes. For a business to make profits and continuously grow it needs to function internally in the best...

Employee Engagement and How it Benefits Your Business

Employee engagement has become the primary indicator of measuring work satisfaction and level of productivity. Organizations world over are taking the necessary steps to optimize employee engagement and boost ROI. Employee engagement is generally...

The Business Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) breaking barriers across all boards, this technology has finally made its case on how it benefits businesses. In this article, we’ll take a look at how a business can use AI to improve employee engagement, morale,...

Evolution of an Employee's Psyche: Permanent Changes Caused by COVID-19

Employee’s psyche, desires, and demands are constantly evolving. COVID-19 pushed it into overdrive. Businesses must learn to cater to their changed psyche.   Over the years, the employee psyche, desires, and demands have evolved, and businesses are...

4 Advantages of Having a Targeted News Feed on Businesses' Internal Communication Platforms

A newsfeed is an effective tool in terms of innovation in communication. Here are 4 benefits of having a targeted newsfeed on your employee engagement and communications platform.   When it comes to implementing an employee communications platform,...

5 Ways for Businesses to Ensure Employees Remain Engaged & Increase Retention

When unsatisfied, employees will look for jobs. Organizations should retain employees. Here are 5 things businesses can do to keep employees engaged.   When unsatisfied, employees will be on the job hunt. Given this, any business will willingly...

Crisis Communication: Communicating with the Modern Employee Working Remotely & the Permanent Changes Brought on by COVID-19

A crisis can occur at any time; organizations should prepare their employees for any type of work situation during this crisis. Proactive communication can help ease the employee reflex of panic, restlessness, and ultimately quitting.   A crisis can...