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Should employee surveys be anonymous?

Over the years, most employee surveys have been the anonymous type. The justification for the anonymity is that if employees don't have to reveal who they are, they'll not fear retribution from management, which in turn will lead to more of them...

Emails v/s Instant Messaging for Employee Communication - What's effective and why

Both email and instant messaging (IM) are essential tools for effective workplace communication. Determining which one is more effective depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Worldwide, more people are using email every day. The number of...

Expert Interview Series: Mike Soylu of Pisano About the Importance of Feedback - From Everywhere

Mike Soylu is co-founder and CMO at Pisano, a company that creates tools to help people get "feedback driven." We recently spoke with Mike about the best practices of implementing effective feedback strategies.

Gas station employee apps drive revenue

Millions of consumers stop at gas stations and convenience stores every day. Creating a memorable experience for customers starts with well trained and educated employees that can deliver on your brand promises.  Keeping up with the service demands...

School employee apps educate educators

School employees, whether educators, administrators or simply campus management, are the stewards of communicating knowledge to the students they reach every day. But how do you effectively communicate internally to campus employees in a way that...

Employee talent development apps educate fast

Talent development is always a big theme inside of many corporate HR and recruiting departments. With the need for attracting, training, growing and retaining the right talent, effective tools must be employed to keep up with the ever-changing needs...

Millennial employee apps build communication

In today's digital day and age, it is becoming increasingly more important to take advantage of technologies that help you communicate to segments of your employee population effectively and in an engaging manner. One of the most difficult employee...

Employee app social feeds foster culture

Social networks are not only popular, but essential to maintaining communication in today's digital and mobile world. This is becoming even more important inside of companies of all shapes and sizes. It has been a controversial topic for a lot of...

Employee app gamification raises engagement

As employee apps become more  popular, different features deployed inside of employee apps make them more engaging. One of them is gamification. The term gamification is widely suggestive of s process to make ordinary tasks more fun and...

Employee instant messaging apps boost communication

Communicating to decentralized workforces in multiple locations becomes very cumbersome and difficult when your employee population is not in front of a computer, or does not have access easily to email and intranets. That's where employee instant...