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Employee App Tactics and Strategies to Increase Engagement

Instant employee pulse: Using an app platform to deliver analytics

Measuring the overall employee pulse of your organization is critical to business success. There are many strategies to achieve this, some are fast, easy and cost-effective and some are longer-term initiatives that require budget and plenty of...

Incentive marketing with gamification

Gamification is a proven tactic to improve engagement scores across organizations. This is a proven fact. But how do you get your audience to engage in the gamification tactics you have put in place? Many offer incentive marketing such as….

Cross selling and upselling using iBeacons

iBeacons are a great way to reach app users on the go, to let them know of deals, offers, incentives, gamification, surveys, pretty much the sky is the limit on engagement tactics. But what about using the beacons to cross sell and upsell?